Metal Polishing Specialist

  • With use of standard polishing lathes, time saver, stroke sander, and sand blast cabinets, we can achieve any desired finish.
  • Each part is visually inspected prior to start a job; and at the end of the job. This will give us the highest possible quality in the metal polishing.
  • Each part is then packed, boxed and send back to our customer or send out to our certified vendor for plating.
  • We offer mirror, various satin finished, and sand blasted finishes.
  • We offer in stainless steel a #3, #4, and #8 finished, and sand blasted finish
  • In Solid brass, and solid copper, we offer mirror, satin, and sand blasted finishes
  • In steel, we offer mirror, satin, or sand blasted finish
  • In aluminum, we offer mirror, satin, or sand blasted finishes.

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