Environmental Statement

We are committed to making a difference and virtually eliminating the concept of waste

Since 1962 Metcor Manufacturing has been serving the architectural and design community with quality products, energy efficient processes and environmentally conscious finishes.

We remain committed to the communities where we live and work. We will continually improve our operations and set progressive goals that aim to minimize our impact on the environment while delivering quality and durable product. For us, “green” isn’t just about recycling or reusing. It includes the way we design, manufacture and market our products. It also encompasses how we conserve resources, reduce waste, and support environmentally friendly products. In other words: sustainability. One goal with many solutions to reach it.

Made in the USA

All our collections are US manufactured. Located in Los Angeles, California, we purchase raw materials from local suppliers who are like minded and are equally committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing while maintaining the highest production standards. We partner with vendors who adhere to national environmental laws and regulations.

Conserve – Reduce – Support

  • Energy Efficient: Metcor uses air-o-matic tools which minimize energy usage. In addition we schedule our manufacturing shifts to begin early each day, limiting the time our employees spend in rush hour traffic; saving automotive. We also produce our products during off-peak times to conserve more energy.
  • Aluminum: Our products are 100% aluminum. We capture and recycle our excess aluminum by working with local aluminum recyclers.
  • Cardboard: Nearly all of the cardboard used in our packaging is made from recycled or recyclable paper. We then turn around and repurchase this material and use it again. Almost all of the packaging used to protect and ship products and raw materials are recycled or recyclable.
  • Pallets: We use and reuse our wooden pallets until they become damaged beyond repair. Then, instead of dumping them in landfills, we send them to pallet recyclers, reducing the number of pallets that end up in landfills.
  • Metal Finishing: All metal finishing has passed and / or exceeded California’s strict air and environmental state standards.
  • Our facilities are100% compliant and meet or exceed regulations set forth by all federal, state and local environmental safety standards. Here are some of the ways we meet and exceed federal, state and local compliance:
  • We do not paint the interiors of our accessories, instead we powder coat them for lower VOC emissions.
  • All chemicals and powders are recycled and reclaimed during the plating and powder coating process.
  • All excess powder is captured during the coating process by means of air filtration, and subsequently reused. This reduces waste and energy usage. Those powders that cannot be reclaimed are baked into a solid waste thus eliminating possible air contamination when disposal takes place.
  • The cleaning materials that are used are biodegradable and friendly to the environment.
  • The polishing departments use dust collection systems to reduce airborne contaminants within the building and to maintain clean and healthy working conditions for the production staff.
  • Catalogues: By offering our catalog online and on CD we can service our customers through technology and conserve paper by printing fewer catalogs.
  • Cleaning of Products: The ability to simply clean the accessories with a “damp soft cloth” allows our products to look good while keeping the environment safe without using any harmful chemicals.

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